Sunday, February 12, 2012

guest article two of two today

For about three months the local Family Dollar store (FD) was completely out of
the chicken and the tuna in a box.  they are little boxes with a little
container of either chicken or tuna salad, a packet of five small crackers, and
a little tiny plastic spoon for putting the chicken/tuna on the crackers.
The boxes sell for a dollar. We usually buy a dozen at a time, six chicken and
six tuna.

We had asked the manager if they could order a case, 24 of the snack boxes,
for the store or for us and we would come in and pick them up when they called
us. He said no, he could not. The store could not order specific items.
Everything was computerized, the company sent what they wanted the store to
have, and they didn't know what they were getting until the truck was there and
being unloaded. They had no choice in what was sent to them.

We were told the truck came in on a Tuesday or Thursday, to check back either
Wednesday or Friday. We did, we checked back every week looking for the little
snack boxes of chicken or tuna. They were even out of Spam for a month. Several
times we were told that the truck had not come in that week. They didn't know
why, just that they had not received a shipment for the week.

This last week when we went to the FD store, There were finally some boxes of
the chicken/tuna there. Finally. One small box that originally came with a
dozen smaller boxes.

There were only ten boxes of chicken. We bought all ten of them.
There was no tuna. If there had been, it was gone when we got there. These
boxes are nice for the pantry, good to keep in your vehicle for snacks, fit
well in back packs. They have a heavy foil top with a pull tab, so you don't
need a can opener to enjoy a bite on the road.

We also bought some of the ten ounce cans of chicken for two dollars, and a
couple of cans of Spam  for $2.50 each.

We buy them and put them away in the pantry.

At the local Kroger's store, the same week, the price was $1.69 for the chicken
or tuna and $2.79 or 89 for a can of Spam. Many times FD is cheaper than the
larger grocery stores.

We like to keep a can of chicken in the refrigerator to make cold chicken
sandwiches. Just mix it with mayo and enjoy. Or use a can to make soups,
chicken and rice, or however you like. For us the canned chicken is a cheaper
and better use of our grocery money. I am such a gourmet cook now a days

We don't have to worry about refrigeration or freezing, or cooking if the
electricity goes out. One of the cans makes enough for two of us to eat and be
In the four or more years that we have been shopping at the FD, these last few
month are the first time that they have been out of a product for so long.

We have also noted that instead of shelves being full from the front edge of
the shelf to the back of it, the cans, packages, boxes, are only about two to
three rows deep now. Our store sells out quickly, but they aren't getting as
many different items anymore. They have also stopped selling many products

Quite a few of the shelves in different rows have the same item. One or two
deep on the shelves. Less choice, and less of the item. The cans, or boxes are
more spread out on the shelves. Instead of ten items taking up ten feet of
shelf space, there are now five items in the same space, just spread out more.

So, how much storage space do you have, and is it full?

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