Saturday, February 11, 2012

guest article two of two today

Grocery Prices

I know that you don't have to be told about rising grocery prices.
Boy, was I shocked today when we went to the local Walgreens to buy a sale

Just looking around, at the non-sale items, Altoids tin is $2.49
and a few weeks ago, like two months ago, it was only 99 cents, then went up
to $1.99 last week, and this week it's fifty cents higher!!!

Just one week and it's higher by fifty cents, YIKES.
I like Altoids for using when sinus is acting up. Really opens up the sinus's
really good and quick too.
Seems like the useful tins they come in have just become collectibles for us.

And since seeing the price of the Altoids, I checked the price of Spam. Please
sit down, this week, $3.99. Oh oh, four dollars for a can of Spam!
Spam is so versatile and stores forever. I can cook it over a hundred ways and
we still
like it in our meals. It was actually cheaper than hamburger meat in our area.
Not any more.
At least not at the two stores close by to us.

We only bought what was on sale at Walgreens, sometimes they had great sales,
however the last several times when we went there to buy a sale item,
it was not on sale at that particular store. And we felt it was not worth it to
drive across town to buy it at another location, even at sale price. So we no
longer shop Walgreens, not worth the time and gasoline to drive there and find
out what we went there for is not on sale at that store.

Altoids at IGA was $2.79, last week. I hesitate to check this week, and we
won't be buying
it anyway.

Also last week we didn't buy any groceries. We went to the regular supermarket
where we usually buy groceries to pick up some sale items. When we got to the
store they were out of those sales items, and we were told they were not re
stocking the shelves with it. The regularly priced cans of the same product,
not on sale, were too expensive and there was only $28 dollars left until our
next payday. We had planned on spending ten dollars on the sales items.

Sad that we only buy groceries that are on sale. We are also learning to cook
and actually enjoy some foods we have never tried before. We used to treat
ourselves to a nice meal out once a month.. Not anymore. And going through the
produce aisle at the grocery store is a stroll down memory lane. No more fresh
fruits, or veggies. Just can't afford them anymore. Two dollars for one head of
lettuce? A dollar fifty for one Bell Pepper? A dollar seventy nine for one

When they are on sale, or come down in price we will buy them. We have a cut
off price.
When that price is exceeded, we do not buy it.

We now only buy canned goods when they are on sale.
Time to check all the sales flyers and stock up on more basics, like tomato
sauce and peanut butter.

We have a weekly budget and stay with it. Fifty dollars a week for two people.
If we spend over the limit this week, that much is deducted from next weeks

If we spend less than the aloted amount, we put the "extra" back for a great
sale or for use in another area. Like the car repair we had to make this week.

Junk food purchases are a thing of the past. No more chips, dips, candy,
cookies. No junk food. Now we have Saltines and jelly, peanut butter with honey
for a sweet spread on toast.

We have found out that wheat berries can be added to spaghetti, chili, along
withhome made breads, they can also be mashed and with added sage, and other
spices, tastes like sausage. We can add a handful or so of cooked wheat berries
to most things we cook and it helps stretch the food and the budget


  1. I was actually shocked at how much top ramen had gone up! The last time I had got it, it was a nickel a pack, or 20 for $1 dollar (a few of the flavors were always on special at this price) . It's now a $1.25 for 12!

  2. Thank you for the wheat berry tips, I want to try new ways to stretch the meat we eat and it sounds delicious.