Sunday, February 12, 2012

guest article one of two today

This year I was a bit sad thinking that I would not be able to buy anything on
the after Christmas sales when everything is at least fifty percent off, and as
much as ninety percent. What savings and a way to stock up, but not for us this

Then we went to Target which had opened a new store in our area, we had heard
about the bargains there and wanted to see for ourselves.

We went there the fifteenth of January. Do you know how many days that was
after Christmas?

There were Tons of stuff still there even at ninety percent off. Not just one
or two aisles of sales items either. There were three short aisles, three of
the short shelving units filled on both sides, one long shelf filled with un
bought foods decorations and toys, and decorations.
Three free standing display shelves overflowing with more food and candies.
Two of the free standing box type of display shelf with more food, candy and

I mean lots of decorations, food, candy, gifts etc. Lots and lots and lots of
stuff, just like before Christmas. Couldn't believe it. Our past experience
with after Christmas sales was that in four or five days after Christmas, there
were no sales items left. We did buy some things and were happy to get them at
seventy to ninety percent off regular price.

We then went to Family Dollar to take advantage of their sales, and it was the
same way. Lots of left over Christmas stuff. Food, candies, decorations nick
knacks, toys, unbelievable how much was not sold.
I have never seen it like this before.

We about it and neither of us can remember it being like this before.
Usually day after Christmas people flock to the store to buy whatever is left
at half off regular price.

And a week later there is nothing left to buy.

We decided that this means the economy is bad, and worse than what we read
about on the net, or hear about on the news. People just plain don't have
"extra" money to spend on stuff like groceries, even left over Christmas foods
and candy or decorations.

And a few days ago we went back to family dollar, the old Christmas stuff was
still there, along with new valentine stuff. And some Easter candy too, guess I
wait until the fourth of July to buy the left overs then?
Oh yes, the box of candy that was two dollars on sale at Target was five
dollars for Valentine's at Family Dollar. Don't know how much it was at Target
before the price reduction.

Nothing was marked, just signs saying it was reduced fifty to ninety percent.
and a little black box you could run the item under to find out how much it now
was. (target)

One thing we have been buying a lot of is the Bumblebee snack packs of either
chicken or tuna. We keep it in the truck and eat it when we go somewhere, like
to the doctor's, to keep from being hungry until we can get back home and cook
something.They are a dollar each, it is cheaper than eating out. and it stops
the ole stomach from being empty until we can get home and fix some soup.

Another thing we noticed was not as many people shopping as you would expect,
and their buggies were not really full like they used to be.

Saw many people pick up items and look at them then put them back on shelves.
Of course we did that too.

So we thought it was interesting that Target had that many left over Christmas
items even at ninety percent off. And that Family Dollar also had so many left
overs too. FD usually sells out quickly.

Just thought you would like to know about Christmas left overs and if you had
noticed anything.

The only stores we go to right now are Family Dollar, a few times Kroger, and
once in awhile IGA.
We shop whichever one has the best sales for the week.

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