Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Finding Storage Space

Always looking for somewhere to put more preps.
All the usual space is taken up, and if you are like me,
you can always use more space for those goodies you want to
stock for later.

Think you are out of space?

You have space under the bed, on the floor of
the closet, and on closet shelves.

Buy a shoe bag and hang it on the inside of
your closet door.
Those little pockets can hold an amazing
amount of stuff.
Extra meds, medical supplies, baby wipes, or

Candy, dried fruits, etc. Whatever you want
to store that is small enough to fit and not
so heavy as to tear the pockets.

You can hang one on the inside of the
bathroom door for extra supplies there too.
Bath tissue, peroxide, q-tips, make up. And
yes you can store extra make up.

Under the bathroom sink is a good place for
plastic containers with goodies. Make sure
that if the pipe breaks it will not ruin
whatever is under the sink.

For thirty or forty dollars from Wal-Mart or
Kmart you can buy a shelf stand that goes
over the toilet tank. It will have either
open shelves or one or two with doors over
them. This will offer you storage you can
take with you when you leave, and also does
nothing to alter the walls of your bathroom.

Bookcases. you can stack cans behind books on
bookcases. or put doors or a curtain over the
front of the bookcase and stack food or
supplies there.

Do you have a suitcase or overnight case? Fill
them with items to take with you if you have
to leave.

The trunk of your car holds an amazing amount
of blankets, water, and dry foods.

Do you have extra purses? Fill them too.
The drawers of your dressers, Canned foods
can go in the back of the drawers, or under

Is the furniture yours? We found end tables
at the thrift stores that look like a drum,
closed on the sides, with one door that
opens, it holds lots of food out of sight.

You can slide a flat of tuna under the couch.
Do you have an entertainment center, are
there doors on it?
If the doors are glass or plastic see
through, put a covering over them and put
food in there.

You can buy a shower curtain with pockets on
it to put in shampoo, soap, scrubbies, etc.
or make one.

A hanging shelf in your closet that is
supposed to be for handbags and sweaters, can
hold those and also supplies. Zip up and
things are out of sight.

Put extra blankets and sheets under your
Take out the last drawer of your dresser and
put things on the floor.
Under your kitchen sink for plastic bags, and
items that won't ruin if wet.

Do you use the oven of your stove? Does it
have a pilot light.?
Store extra kitchen tools there,
Buy gift boxes, fill them with whatever you
want, slide them under the living room

Cover a window with cardboard covered with
material to look like a curtain from outside.
Then put small shelves in the window, fill
with goodies, and hang a curtain over it from
the inside of the house.
From outside it looks like a curtain, from
inside it looks like a curtain.

You can also get boxes and label them, summer
blouses, winter blouses. Hats, scarves,
Christmas decorations, and put them on a
closet shelf.

How much company do you have visit, do they
come for dinner, or lunch? How long do they
stay? This is not to be nosey, it is to help
you think of how to store things without
bringing them to someone's attention and
asking you questions you may not want to
answer. Or to expose you to problems later.

If you have the room in the kitchen, you can
buy a small storage unit designed to hold food
or tools. They don't take up much floor
space, but have four or more shelves. They
can hold lots of food.

Wooden file cabinets two or more can also be
used for food storage.
They also make nice end tables to hold a

Either buy the blocks that raise you bed up
or make some with concrete blocks covered
with contact paper, fabric or painted. This
will raise your bed up a few inches and
allow you to store more things there.

Make some shelves for the hallway with 1x6 or
wider pieces of wood, which can be cut to
the length you want at the store you buy them
You can again use concrete blocks, or glass

I suggest you cover the sides and front of
them. You could put books on the top shelf. I
suggest that in an apartment you cover,
conceal your storage.

You have most likely a contract you signed
when moving in the apartment that gives
management the right to enter to make
repairs, treat for insects, or to inspect for
up keep on your part. Not usually a problem.

Do you have a headboard for your bed?
You can use bookshelves for a headboard. Fill
the shelves with supplies, and cover the
shelves, or turn the open side of the
bookshelf to the wall, push the bed against
it, and bingo, you have a headboard. And a
place to store extra food or whatever you

You can make a foot board for the bed this
way too. Probably want doors on it. or use a
short dresser for a foot board.

If you have the room, extra dressers can be
put in the bedroom for storage,

If you can't lift the mattress on the bed to
put extra blankets under, put them on the top
of the mattress, cover them with a plastic
mattress cover, and make the bed as usual.

Cover the pillows with extra pillow cases and
cover them with plastic pillow covers, then
put one over the plastic one for sleeping.

You can hang quilts on the wall as decoration
until you need to use it. Sheets can be
folded and put under couch cushions or chair
cushions. Sometimes blankets too.

Blankets can also be used as a throw cover
over chairs and couches. Some people don't
like the look, some do. It is storage in the

Rethink how items are stacked or arranged in
the kitchen shelves. Can you change them, re
arrange them to get more use from the space.

You can build a small box. wide enough to
hold a can of veggies or fruit, however high
you want, and the length of a wall in the
living room. fill it with food cans, then put
the furniture in front of the box. Oh, paint
the box to match the wall or wall trim. Most
people don't pay attention to little things
like that.

It is not always convenient to buy something
new, especially when you are trying to build
up storage items and supplies.
And sometimes when you have used something
for one purpose for a long time, it is
difficult to envision it being used for
another purpose.

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