Monday, February 6, 2012

food stamps and obammy targets

It used to be I never paid much attention to The Economic Collapse Blog, but now that I don’t have to tie everything into Peak Oil and imminent collapse, their articles are right up my alley ( and here is another source to shamelessly steal from ).  I loved the article on how JP Morgan, one of the Premier Evil Whore Bastard Anal Licking Profiteers Off Our Suffering Banks, is making money off the debit card transactions from Food Stamps.  And further, how it is obviously in their own interests to get more and more people on Food Stamps to increase their bottom line.  Since they sucked all the profits off of the housing market ( 20% of Florida homes vacant, about three quarters of Nevada homes in some stage of foreclosure ) the next nice target is suckling off the Food Stamp tit.  This is great in two ways.  Well, three.  Since the old line “what’s good for business is good for America” has been replaced by “what’s good for the financial industry, in particular those banks controlled by the Fed, is good for America”, this means giving more taxpayer money to a bank will obviously save us all.  Green Shoots at last!  Secondly, since greed and government trough feeding is involved, that means even if we are looking at things in a negative light, this means the problem of more Americans almost starving is overblown.  Third, the best news of all is that the African American clerks down at the Food Stamp place might even start approving White Cracker Honky Mo Fo’s for benefits since the word might be out to jack up those approval ratings!  You can buy a lot of preps every month with Food Stamps!  And being patriotic by doing so.  When the food runs out, you won’t have to be in the FEMA line, hence you allow an extra mouth to be fed.  You are indeed a wonderful person for going on welfare, despite what Rush thinks.

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It might be a few weeks old by now, but remember the dust up when the Secret Service ( which really should change their name since they aren’t too secret anymore.  I suggest Praetorian  Guard ) started to investigate the police offer for shooting at an Obammy target?  I don’t know what came of it, nor do I care.  Hell, if they lay him off he just saved his jurisdiction millions of dollars in retirement pay outs.  Then they could replace him with a college student performing a mandatory public service, which would cost the taxpayers nothing!  I’ll bet the rich bitches would love that program.  We could slap on an orange vest with reflector stripes, give him a whistle and let him enforce all manner of laws ( Bravo Three!  Come in Bravo Three!  Emergency!  Need back-up.  A heterosexual act is being conducted by an unmixed racial couple!  The humanity! ).  Let’s hope this sets a precedent.   We simply can not abide such atrocious behavior.  How dare a soon to be federalized law enforcement officer disrespect his future commander in chief!  This shall not stand, I tells ya.  If I were an incompetent ass of a President, I would at least think about directing the idiots that investigate all reports of Threatening Manner Of Activity to have a few people pre-screen any investigations.  Okay, even if the cop was Muslim or whatever, clearly a Threat To The
American Way
Of Life By Stealing OUR Oil Planted In “His” Country, would he still be stupid enough to telegraph his intentions?  Shouldn’t this clearly, or obviously, be seen as a joke?  Okay, so the guy hates Obammy.  So what?  Most people do.  You can’t arrest them all.  This investigation is really just an embarrassment to the Prez.  It makes him look paranoid and vindictive and frankly idiotic.  The fact that it “had to be” investigated because of policy merely means the policy needs serious updating.  And, yes, Obammy did this to himself, being such a turd in the first place ( a proficient leader could get away with a Secret Service snafu like this, everyone knows it is a mistake.  When you are jerk-off to begin with, the perception is this investigation was intentional ).  But it still gives a black eye to what little reputation we have left.
Mohave Rat, long suffering and abused minion, commented that I’m not seeing the long term saving graces of hyperinflation ( as far as kicking the can down the road ).  I’m not actually ignoring the issue as much as discounting it.  The dollar has been backed by middle east oil ( in general, you could make a case for collusion with some and not with other oil exporters, regardless of location ) for so long that we take it for granted.  That oil has kept inflation modest and under control.  If the oil is running out, or at best not declining but still not growing, that dollar backing will stop soon enough.  And if that happens, my guess is that hyperinflation will crash us in a very short time.  In other words, we’ve been exporting inflation.  Our economy is now built on it.  That ends, our economy ends.  We don’t actually have an economy that will stand up to directly paying for inflation beyond a certain small amount.  I’m fully aware I could be wrong on this.  I hope so. 

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  1. I guess I am to dumb to contribute to the conversation. If you have a 120 trillion dollars in assets and a 11 trillion dollar a year income and you owe 15 or 16 trillion most of which is self-owed I truly fail to see how one can call that a national debt crisis. the national debt would have to be three times its current size before any of the predictions of collapse would hold water.

    republican fear mongering over the debt is not new. They always balk at raising the debt ceiling and never take in to account the asset side of the ledger.

    the USA controls one third of the worlds economy and is not doing any different than any other major corporation. You operate on borrowed money. You don't sell assets to raise capitol. No body does this! The national debt is operating capital and gets paid down and gets added to in accord with the activity of the economy. It will never be paid down to zero and less than twenty-five percent of our current national debt is foreign owned!

    A sound argument could be made that there is no crisis at all. Just business as usual. That of course does not stir up fear in the herd so heaven forbid dumbass me is optimistic.

    the rat

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