Friday, February 24, 2012

evil republican

Saturday will have a guest article.
I want it known to the universe, Baby Jesus and every swinging dingus out there that I am not a Romney fan.  Not because he is a Republican, or a Mormon or a businessman or anything else the pinko commie humps on the left are screaming about.  I don’t like the bitch because of his stance of health care.  When he forced universal coverage on his state as governor ( I think Massachusetts- one of those Gott Damn Yankee hell holes ), his excuse was “ we can’t have free riders defrauding our system”.  Your typical Republican version of welfare recipients,   that if only welfare was abolished all would be perfect ( I don’t agree with welfare, but if you are going to abolish that, how about corporate welfare, the Military Industrial Complex, etc.? ).  In other words, the government forces hospitals to provide free medical to indigents, then allows illegals to stay here and forces medical prices through the roof because of Medicare, and then has the audacity to blame poor people for all the problems it caused.  Okay, Romney, you asswhore, you don’t want people to abuse the system and get free health care ( a wonderful recipe for allowing the spread of disease ) by going to the ER, so your solution is to force every state resident to buy insurance or pay the state a fine.  Hey, how about this.  Actually enforce the law against illegal immigration.  Then, don’t charge people UNTIL they go to the ER.  You treat it just like a traffic ticket.  As soon as folks get their life saving treatment, bill them. And let the government enforce the collection.  Sure, that isn’t a perfect solution, but a lot better than forcing people to pay even if they never go to the hospital.  But that ain’t going to happen because compulsory health care isn’t about fairness.  It is about taxing the serfs and enriching part of the elite.  Suck my engorged member Romney. 

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But, hey, don’t get me all worked up.  This isn’t about health care.  We’ve covered that before in the Bison Survival Blog.  This is about the current campaign against Romney because of his involvement in the private equity firm.  Sure, it’s a contrived issue.  No one wants Romney to actually be discredited.  They just want it to look like there is a real fight over the election ( remember, no matter who wins, National Health Care wins ).  But what I’m amused at is that not only is the election being given a false level of legitimacy by this, another purpose is served by once again deflecting blame from the central bank.  It is just another version of “evil corporations” or “evil government” being responsible for what the central bank actual benefits from.  Follow the money.  Who benefits?  A private equity firm gets a loan.  They buy out a company.  The rational is, this is an undervalued corporation ( this is business speak for a company ran for the long run rather than being plundered for short term profit ).  By buying up the company, their super magical wonderful leadership will then make a buttload more profit.  And what is their over educated form of leadership?  They lay off half the workers, kick out the Union, farm out most of the work overseas, devalue the company name by removing all quality from the product, then walk away with a profit leaving the workers, the consumers and the economy humped ( it’s the same action out of the same playbook for decades now ).  The members of that private equity firm profit, no question.  But the bank that made the loan is the real winner.  They created money out of nothing, then collected interest on it.  But wait!  That’s not all!  If you order your “hump over the peons” kit now, we’ll double your order!
When the acquired company goes bankrupt, and  they will because every action was for short term profit rather than long term good business practices,  the bank turns around and loans more money to another private equity firm to do the same damn thing all over again!  The bank never had any real money in the game, it was just collecting interest on phantom money.  They didn’t lose squat.  They just kept collecting interest on another loan.  Is Romney evil?  Of course.  But which evil entity enabled Romney?  Our central bank.  The same bank that stole the gold and devalued our dollar ( the same bank these pious puke Yuppie Survivalists are insisting we must pay back on loans as a moral principle.  You idiots, you don’t treat a thief with honor ).  You want to know who has taken all the jobs and shipped them overseas?  Who is responsible for the death of Unions?  The friggin central bank.  Wake up!  It is a pitiful sight to see someone straining against golden chains not even realizing they are slaves. 

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  1. Which is why the fact that Ron Paul isnt dead of an 'accident' yet all the more surprising, he is actually getting a little air time and making exactly your points about the Central Bank, corporate (banker) welfare, and the millitary industrial complex.
    You know to run and hide when he and his sone dies of a mysterious accident at the republican convention.