Monday, February 27, 2012

a dingo aborted my baby!

Remember the poor schlubs who have been hounded for thirty years about the dingo attack on their baby while camping?  “Help, a dingo’s got my baby!”  I think that was in 1980, and probably did more to help the tourist and movie industry of Australia than anything else.  That was what probably propelled “shrimp on the barbie” and “Crocodile Dundie”.  Anyway, the case recently came up again in the courts as the family would like the judge to reconsider the case in light of other more recent dingo attacks ( or, alleged attacks, I’m not sure ).  The judge of course being very important and simply having no time at all to do more judge stuff, put it on indefinite hold.  One presumes awaiting the end of the families natural life span.  If you expedite one case, then everyone thinks they can see justice being done.  Kind of like here in the US, you can’t expect the courts to actually follow the Constitution and make bail amounts reasonable.  You knock the starting price down from $20 million and all of a sudden every damn person wants a reasonable bail.  As that was making the “news” today, it was followed up by yet more squawking on the Catholic Church and the mandatory contraception scandal and it suddenly hit me that I need to comment on abortions.  I haven’t pissed  off loyal minions to the point of desertion for quite some time ( I don’t count the recent change in blogs.  Losing regular readers was expected.  I am happy I’ve retained half of them- about 600 ). 

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I don’t particularly care for abortions.  I don’t mind “day-after” pills, as I’m not convinced that life begins at conception but rather after the brain is formed.  Yes, I know a lot of folks disagree.  But it doesn’t matter what you or I care about.  What matters is, does the law follow reality?  And necessity.  I could drone on about women’s rights and ownership of your body, but in the end what makes or breaks the adoption of a custom or law in to general acceptance is if it follows reality and necessity.  It must acknowledge human nature and the survival of the species.  Which is why you can’t legislate the impossible.  You can make a law saying that females are allowed into combat, but females don’t have the physical or mental ability for it ( if the Soviets, some of the original poster boys for wishful thinking over reality discontinued women in combat, you know it was a total flop ).  You can legislate unlimited births, like the Catholic Church did with a ban on contraception and divorce, but once the overpopulation and resource scarcity bites you in the ass it doesn’t matter if God On High proclaims through his best buddy the Pope that “be fruitful and multiply” is the best dang thing since sliced bread.  Reality doesn’t read the bible. 
Now, looking back at past civilizations, you know that uncontrolled birth rates are pretty much just human nature.  It has got to be a survival trait.  So, even if you aren’t religious it seems like we can all agree that even if in the long run overpopulation is a bad idea, you can’t legislate it away ( that bite China in the ass, didn’t it? ).  I think that unlike most laws and practices we have, our current birth control laws strike a pretty good balance.  We allow uncontrolled reproduction but at the same time don’t force people into practices that go against their wishes individually.  Either side, pro life or pro choice, in an attempt to upset that balance, are in the wrong.  Not on moral grounds but on practical grounds.  Remember, you can’t ban common sense.  If a woman wants to be a career corporate drone, she can.  She isn’t forced into being a housewife for survival, popping out kid after kid ( although, they need to enjoy it while it lasts since this choice is a product of the Oil Age ).  If a woman wants to spew out children in an uninterrupted stream she can.  The good thing about abortion being legal is, there is no need for infanticide.  Women don’t have to resort to drowning the kids in the family sedan or fabricating stories about dingo attacks ( I have no idea if abortion was illegal in Australia in 1980.  My point is that if kids were a choice, not a burden to be borne, than there would have been no controversy over whether the mother was telling the truth or not over how her baby died ). 
Infanticide has been with us for as long as we’ve been a species.  It is oftentimes necessary, if rather an unpleasant act to even think about, let alone perform.  We have the hindsight, here during our Time Of Plenty, to harshly judge it.  But like the unpleasant necessity of war, that by a few deaths more people survived, so too infanticide.  In times of scarcity.  Abortion, as unpleasant as it is to a lot of people, is vastly better than killing babies after birth.  If you adhere to an unyielding dogma that prohibits abortion, you are condoning the worse crime of killing babies after they were out of the womb.  Not now, but certainly after the resources run out.  Since you can’t legislate back and forth on an issue and expect it to be followed, best to just side with reality.  Your choice is going to be how to kill surplus population, not whether it will be done at all ( of course, it should go without saying, I’m advocating personal choice here, not government mandate ).  Reality is indeed a bitch.
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  1. Thank you. You have summed up how I feel about this sensitive issue.

    A major reason for abortion is that the mothers cannot support the baby- our current societies adoption practices and family emphasis on 'bloodline heritage' makes abortion the only way to be certain that the child in a womans womb wont come back and screw her life up down the road even if she could take the 3 to 6 months away to birth the albatros, its still going to be hung around her neck down the line, and our society supports that... There is one news story I remember about an elderly jewish grandmother who was looked up by the baby she gave up at birth during WWII. She wanted nothing to do with the kid but the now adult child wouldnt leave her alone to the point the old lady had to call the cops to drag the stranger away. The 'kid' didnt understand that their birth parent gave them up for a good reason and didnt want to revist them. But all the Oprah loving crowd and the 'kid' couldnt get it through their heads that it was the MOTHERS not the CHILDS choice to make that connection or not.

    When pro-lifers understand that I wont adopt because I will never be the 'real' parent in the 'Oprah crowds' eyes, then we might be able to legislate against late term abortions (not likely given the very practicalites you outlined above)

    Again thanks for pointing that out.
    And again what about the post SHTF orphans? how can the new orphan be prepared and protected by their missing/deceased parents, and how can one safely adopt them (or is it possible to be safe in such an action post SHTF?)


  2. When I lived out in Arizona for a while, I saw a local news story: A guy was camping in one of the parks right in the general Phoenix area, not out in east bumfuct by any means, and a damn mountain lion pulled his kid, I seem to remember it being likea 1-year-old, right out of the tent when the guy's back was turned. The lion took the baby under a bush, and the guy threw stuff at it and chased it off, got his kid back, and called the rangers. Sure enough, the rangers found the lion near the tent waiting for another chance. (Que Jimbo's "He's coming right at me" yell here lol.) One of the rangers shot the lion dead-center chest with his pistol, which in the dusk is mighty fine shooting in my book. I like to think the guy whose baby was almost eaten got a nice mountain-lion rug out of the deal, but probably not.

    These critters are not always as afraid of people as we think, and a dingo's smarter than a lion - a lion is not used to the parents of their usual prey, deer, coming to take their dinner back with a vengeance. A dingo is a smart kind of dog, they know when they've "done a wrong" to another creature. If it was coyotes instead of a big dumbish cat, we'd have had the same kind of story come out of Arizona no doubt.

  3. I stay with you because of the fact that you are versed in reality.
    Most bloggers would like to return us to some pollyanna time from the past ! Just ain't gonna happen !
    Am I bummed that you only write for the weekdays ? Yes ! The fact is though, soon even this will be a thing of the past. I will take what I can get while it lasts....

  4. When we discuss abortions, what are we talking about ?
    money? life? women's rights? what?
    So many questions for me when thinking about this.

    I believe that abortions should be free for every woman who wants one.
    Be she married or single, or living with someone.
    No questions asked, just walk in, have the procedure and leave.
    Do it Friday, be back at work, school on Monday.

    To me it is more than a woman's right to her own body or future, it is
    also political, and financial. And part of those finances are mine. It's my future too.
    And higher taxes will make my future a bit more difficult.

    I would much rather pay a one time amount, such as $2,000, for an abortion
    than to fund on going life time payments for prenatal care, delivery costs, hospital costs for delivery.
    Medicaid, food stamps, WIC,TANIF or whatever is in place now to help families and kids

    And this is not including housing, utilities, food banks, transportation costs. And schools that give away "free" school supplies to low income kids. Free breakfast, lunch and even clothing. And even food in summer when school is not in session.

    And this help will go on for at least 18 years. Longer if there is a disability, or medical issues.
    Then most of the girl babies will begin their own families at around age 14, they still get all the
    free government benefits, and now their prenatal care for their unborn child, and then that child
    gets benefits too. At least two generations now on welfare. And the boy children will become baby
    daddies at much too young an age, without jobs or education.

    And the cycle continues

    My idea for food stamps, medicaid, etc for children is this.
    when you apply for aid, you get aid for only the child or children you have at the time of application.
    Period, no matter how many other children you have.

    If you are pregnant when you apply, that child will be covered by the benefits, no other pregnancies though.

    Birth control options should be free.
    If someone can manage to get a ride to the store to spend those food stamps, they can get a ride to the clinic for free birth control.

    Annie Mouse

  5. "Reality doesn’t read the bible."

    Oh man! I often find your writing amusing (and I mean that in the most sincere and grateful way) but that line is a classic! You ought to have T-shirts made...